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19th April 2006

4:18pm: knee
I went on a bikecycle ride with brittany (my sister) on monday night and fell a couple of times on my left side and then yesterday at wokr my right knee started to hurt me pretty bad. So I asked my mom and my fiance to urgent care last night as I was unable to drive home from work. The doctor said that I have bursitis of the knee. That just means the I banged it up pretty bad so I got good meds and a couple days off work to rest. *jumps for joy* *ouch knee hurts*

Well I think I am going to go a watch more tv as there is nothing much else to do.

11th April 2006

1:09pm: Long time no post
well i have to say alot has happened to me since i last posted on here. I amd engaged and working back at GR, a place i used to work when i was in high school. startin to plan a wedding that is over a year away. on a diet now that has helped me to lose 73lbs in 4 months. moved into an apartment with my fiance.

sunny is not doing so well. she was diagnosed with old dog syndrome back in january and they got is calmed down with meds, but now they think it might be starting to affect her again. i feel for her, she is a golden and as my mom says "her tail will wag until the end". mom told me the other day that she hopse Sunny goes on her own because neither mom or dad could make the decision to put her down.

anways, enough sap...ryan is due hom in 45 mins so i must get a shower so when he gets home we can run some errands and i can go to CONCI.

Later all

10th October 2004

7:56pm: another update
I don't think anyone out here cares but I am going to say this anyways.

*dances* I got my ring last night!!!!!!*dances and girns*

I am a happy girl in cause you could not tell.

9th October 2004

11:36am: me again
well I am not really sure how many people other than Myk and a few select people look at this, but I aw it was a long time since I have posted so here goes.

Well not much is going on in my life. I am dating a wonderful man. Lately my life has been all about spending time with him and doing my school work. He just bought me a great gift...what does anyone who reads this think?


I hope that link works. anyways other than that and continuing to beta for some people I have not really have time to read much if any of you have read/written a new story or two please feel free to post the links so I can read them.

Well I think that is all for now. Have a good day all.

18th September 2004

5:47pm: Well I am updating again because I am avoiding doing my homework. school is going fine for now. seems like there is alot of reading to do this quarter than in the past. not much is going on...i found out today that my sister is very opinionated and protective of me...she told me that she did not liek one of my friends and why. it jsut surprised me not sure why.

9th September 2004

8:26pm: update
well not much has been going on in my life. school started two days ago and things are slow so far. Myk was right, my parents and i went to tennessee for a week. it was a blast and now we are all back to reality and that means back to work and school.

hope you all have a gret day!!!


7th September 2004

9:55pm: Myk hijacks the journal again for the umteenth time
Right... Well I ought to be updating my journal, but it's so much more interesting to update Turtle's instead. I can't really say that I know what she's been up to though... Well, other then that vacation she went on with her family at the end of August. ^_^ Hee. I only know she did that because I babysat her dog.

Other then that I have no clue! No clue whatsoever! I'm rping. Porn. Smut. Naughtiness. I'm rping some Kingsley/Tonks. Woohoo! Not that any of you care.

TURTLE! You need to update more so I'll stop hijacking your journal!

/end hijacking
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8th August 2004

7:07pm: Myk Hijacks the Journal Again!!
Mwa-ha! Myk here. Again. Yesterday was also me. Heh. Just thought I'd post in here again. I redid Turtle's layout for her once more! This time I used a beautiful and wonderful layout done by design_kitten made by the owner herself! I can't begin to say how wonderful it is to have found someone who makes free account layouts. (Turtle doesn't udpate enough for me to waste my money on getting her a paid account.)

Anywho! So now she's got a beautiful layout done by design_kitten and new icons done by icon_goddess! All is good. Oh yes, very good. Mwa-ha!

/end hijacking
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7th August 2004

8:17pm: Back Home
So I'm back home right now. Not much really going on. I did go to Polaris Mall though with Myk, so that was nice. I bought my mom a Hurley shirt for her birthday and I got myself some cookies from Mrs. Fields. Then after that we went back to Myk's house for a while and messed around on the computer.

She and I are going to go to the movies later tonight. We're seeing A Cinderella Story. I know that Myk is just so thrilled about this, but I'm dragging her along anyway.

We're going to be leaving here in a bit to go out to eat. Not sure where yet, but I'm sure it'll be good.
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15th July 2004

2:22pm: quizzes

Turtle's Thoughts

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1st October 2006

12:38pm: omg 23 weeks since and update
Wow I guess I am really not good at updating this thing. I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. The plans for my wedding are going great. we had a little snag into he plans but that has all come together now. not much else is going on. Ryan and I are trying to find and house to buy in the area we live now.(yes myk i am still trying to stay in the area) Not really having much luck but then again we have not done much to start yet either.
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9th July 2004

5:48pm: My update
Well a lot has gone on in my life lately. First of all this is going to be a big spam like I always do when I post about my life. Spring quarter is over and I am happy about that...it turned out to be a good one for me. I finally got ride of my bitchy roomies, the bad thing is, is that they hate us (megs and I) as much as we hated them and therefore they put us down as damaging alot of stuff so I have to pay $55 in damages in stuff I did not do. Well at least I don't have a roomie for the summer...well unless you consider the fact that my boyfriend lives here with me in a single dorm room. My summer job started and we had our first batch of kids last week...my group was students entering grades 7, 8, 9. There we there for space camp and we had two field trips one to the Air Force Museum and the other to the challenger center. The kids had a blast. This week has been my week off since we had the Fourth of July holiday. This coming week I have theatre institute. That should be interesting 2 counselors for 30 students.

well i think that is about it for now. leave me a comment if you wish.
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15th May 2004

1:56am: quiz
Discover your Zodiac Personality
Discover your Zodiac Personality @ Quiz Me
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14th May 2004

2:41pm: Not a lot going on in my life.

I am almost done with this quarter, and then I start my summer job where I have lots and lots of time to beta read. That is something I am looking forward to it.

My roomies moved a lot of her stuff out on Monday of this week and is working on moving the rest out. that makes me happy too cause towards the end of the quarter things started to get itchy with her and one of my other roomies around, so I am glad they are moving out.

Other than that not a lot is going on around my place.
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4th May 2004

12:31am: my ramblings
This weekend was kind of busy and relaxing for me...I needed it.

Friday I had to borrow a wheelchair fro my speech class then get it back in time for my second class in which we had a review session for a very hard religion test or so my teacher said. then my best friend down here and I went to the mall with another friend...kind of weird both their names are Megan...anyway so we went to the mall and then to olive garden for dinner. well we got through the meal and I was helping my best friend figure out the tip and it should have been $3.03 and she started to write it down an I was like you should just make that an even amount...I am an odd one about that, I usually pump my gas to the even dollar...well anyways she asked if 71 cents plus 3 cents equaled a dollar we all cracked up laughing for a while...well I guess you kind of had to be there.

Saturday Meggy's(best friend) mom and dad came to visit and take us out to lunch since her birthday is on Monday the 3rd so that was fun we went out to dinner then shopping for a while then they left and we went to see a movie (13 going on 30) great movie btw. Then we went to sleep over at our friend Katie’s dorm and there are only two twin beds and 3 people, so being the smart ones Meggy and I slept in the same bed. mind you I got lots of sleep, she could tell cause I guess I whimper and moan in my sleep and I guess I was do that that night. But she did not get any sleep because she said she had no room when she was the one with the most room.

We woke up Sunday morning and went to church then out to lunch then off to the library to study for out test the next day. Then I went out to dinner with my sis at stake'n'shake. And on the way I put my book bag in the truck of the car. Then I went to work that night, went home then to bed.


I got up at 9am to go shopping for some cake for Meggy and some balloons to tie to her wheelchair (she has Spina bifida). I got back and gave Meggy her stuff then went to do something else, I come back later to find that my sister has taken my car which still has my book bag in it from the other day...so now I was screwed for studying more for my test. So I went to both of my classes today with no notes to looks at and took my religion test. Then I had the rest of the day to go to meetings and eat with people and kind of relax.

I still have to do homework fro tomorrow but I can not do that until my sis gets back tomorrow morning with the car.

I also still need to post my assignment for the site. My students are going to start to drive me nuts if one more of them ask me where it is.

Well I hope everyone has a great day!!!
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29th April 2004

1:14pm: more fun stuff
turtle_chan's Word Usage
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10. me (39) 35. get (15) 60. still (9) 85. an (7)
11. for (37) 36. he (14) 61. day (9) 86. as (7)
12. of (31) 37. school (14) 62. if (9) 87. here (6)
13. in (30) 38. now (14) 63. want (9) 88. wanted (6)
14. it (29) 39. back (13) 64. who (8) 89. were (6)
15. not (27) 40. out (13) 65. had (8) 90. work (6)
16. was (24) 41. time (13) 66. up (8) 91. parents (6)
17. am (24) 42. don't (13) 67. got (8) 92. dad (6)
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19. we (23) 44. her (13) 69. some (8) 94. much (6)
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21. then (23) 46. would (12) 71. from (8) 96. been (6)
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25. but (21) 50. today (11) 75. did (7) 100. college (6)
Word Count by Hutta.
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14th April 2004

10:33am: fun stuff
The "Ask Me Anything" Meme... ganked from obessed1 *note i will fix tht when i figure out how to do it)

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
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10th April 2004

4:52pm: quizzes

How High Is Your Sex Drive?
Your Sex Drive Level Is.. - 94%
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4:43pm: today
Well last night was a night of just being o the net and today is a day of homework. so i guess i better go to it. i have religion, com, leadership and soc to do today.

Wish me luck to get it done so that tomorrow i can read and be on he site all day....*hopes*
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9th April 2004

12:07pm: ME!!!!
well not alot is going on in my life unsless you consider classes. well i knwo that they count. Mine are a lot harder this quarter. i just want to be done with school amd out of the hell hole called ohio.

such is life.

oh ye and i found out that one of my friends is leaving in 6 monhs to go to FL, that makes me very sad.
Current Mood: sad
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21st March 2004

11:34pm: RPG message board
This is an RPG message board that was set up by myself and some friends of mine. feel free to check it out and join if you want.


Welcome to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Have you ever wanted to be a wizard in the Harry Potter world? Ever wanted to attend Hogwarts and take the classes there? Well join us! Get sorted into one of the four houses. Make friends. Make enemies. Get lost in the world of magic. Come and join us today!


In my little world i went to visit a friend i meet on the net and had a blast hanging out. That is about all i have to say for tonight i will try to update soon. feel free to leave a loverly comment.
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19th March 2004

5:28pm: Mwa-ha!
I've broken into Turtle's journal and I'm writing in it. The little brat needs to update more frequently. Oh yes she does. I told her that I would do this. She said that I could. Hehe... But she should update more. I gave her the code for this thing back when it still required codes. She needs to udpate. I grr at her. GRR!


P.S. No I am not insane! Don't say that. I can hear you!
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26th February 2004

9:28pm: more lovely quizes
Which Harry Potter Guy Will Knock You Up? by jazzedsoprano
The FatherSeverus Snape
How/Why it happensHe couldn't resist your charms
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!
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5th February 2004

6:07pm: hi
I know no one looks at this but I thought I would just put something here for today. This is a very pointless post. Have a great day everyone.

Oh and I am going home this weekend to see Myk:)
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12th January 2004

10:11am: another update
Life is good on my end. Not a lot going on, the quarter just started and I am taking all business classes. I guess that is good considering that is my major.

Oh and a major break through, I have a boyfriend. He is a guy I have liked for a while but one of my best friends liked him so I was a good friend and stated away until he came to me and told me one day that he and her would never get together. Still then I did not make a move. Then over winter break I went down to my apt and he wanted to know if I would like to hang out with him. So I did and we went to the store and got groceries for him and then decided to get dinner. The wait was 45 minutes so we waited and he held my hands the whole time he told me that mine were warm and his were cold but I could feel that both of our hands were warm but let him hold them anyways. We talked about what my friend would think about us hanging out together. I had told her earlier that he and I were going to spend some time together and she said she did not care and that she a him were just friends and she knew nothing more would come of it. He paid for dinner which was nice. Then we went back to his apt and talked for a little while and next thing I know we are dating.

Now that is all fine and dandy but his parents also live close to my parent’s house which is where I was staying over break. So we saw each other a lot and it was hard to keep it to my dad that we were dating. My dad is very protective of me, I will never understand why but he is and that is the point. my dad found out that I was dating this guy and to make matters worse my dad is a very closed minded person about certain things one of which being that a able bodied person should not date a person in a wheel chair and my boyfriend is just that. So my point is that I was shocked that when I let for break my dad said to me "don't let you boyfriend get in the way of your school work". he actually said "your boyfriend", I think we may have a breakthrough he is actually accepting that I m who I want to be and if I want to be with someone in a wheel chair then I will be and there is nothing short of him not paying for college any more and making me come home that might stop us from being together.

Well I know no one really cares about my love life I just had to rant about my dad.

That is all. Have a nice day everyone!!!!:)
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